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About Us

In 1984 John Meyer established Rite-Way Truck as a 
small trucking / broker firm. for
25 years john
successfully operated the business going above and
beyond until his retirement. in July 2009 john
retired and began to pursue his dreams of cattle
farming. His wife Sheila, son Patrick, and long
time employees Chris Lewis and Amy Schaben took
over business operations.  Our staff is
skilled at arranging transport and
delivery of both flat bed and van freight.  Job site
or warehouse deliveries are well managed. Our
trucking company has both flat bed and van trailers
available for deliveries within the midwest. Each
of Rite-way's office staff has over 15 years of
experience. Rite-Way also offers dock, yard, load
transfer and storage services.  Our forklifts have
capacities up to 30,000 LBS.  All of our employees at
rite-way are dedicated to providing the excellent
service that our customers have come to expect. 
Always happy and willing to assist new customers
and supply the same dedicated service our current
customers take advantage of.  Please contact any
of our knowledgeable staff members for all of your
transportation needs.

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